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  • Audio to Text:  Media files are converted to a text document for reading purposes.\
  • No Speech Recognition Software:  All audios are converted by ear from a highly qualified transcriptionist.
  • Proofing Service:  Transcripts are proofread to correct typos and grammatical errors.  Unless instructed to leave slang words they will be corrected to proper grammar with this service.
  • Inaudible Playback:  All the inaudibles in a transcript will be matched up to the audio by another transcriptionist who will then give a second listen to determine what is being said, and if it is, in fact, an inaudible.
  • Audio Playback:  The entire audio will be played back and matched up to the transcript by another transcriptionist for complete accuracy.  Great for poor quality recordings.
  • Editing Services:  After the audio has been converted to text the transcript will undergo editing services that are specific to your instructions.
  • Quality Control:  Before delivery to client the transcript goes to QC.  It will be checked to make sure all instructions have been followed, along with spot checking the audio to the transcripts so ensure the accuracy of transcript.