About Us

At Transcription Point, we’re focused on delivering the highest quality transcription, editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing services to companies of all sizes.

Whether you need help with legal, medical, business, or literary projects, you can rest assured that your recording will be transcribed accurately and efficiently.

What Makes Us Different?

Transcription Point is a US-based business that prides itself on hiring qualified staff who can provide high quality services every time. And our reliable and friendly customer service makes all the difference from the moment you hire us to the completion of each and every project.

We never use speech recognition software or typing tools: We don’t rely on inaccurate software or tools because we’re proud to provide a personalized touch that ensures your audio/video will be accurately transcribed.

We never use typing pools: Only one typist is assigned to each project, so you don’t have to worry about it being split up between multiple transcriptionists.

We Provide:

  • Audio proofing and proofreading – Before submitting a final transcription to a client, we go over the audio and the transcription itself at least twice.
  • Final quality control check – After a couple rounds of proofing, there’s also a final quality control check to guarantee all clients are satisfied with our work.

All of this means that you can confidently outsource your transcription and editing needs to us so that you can focus on more important tasks to keep your business going strong!

A Unique Buy Back Program

We also offer a Buy Back program that allows our clients to receive 5% off their next project. Any rewards that aren’t redeemed can be added to your account to use in the future (limited to 10% off).

Forget About Outsourcing – We’re US-Based Pros!

If you’re in search of US-based professionals, look no further. We offer exceptional transcription and proofreading services at affordable, fair rates. When you hire Transcription Point, you can rest assured that you’re working with native English speakers, writers, and editors, and you’re helping to keep jobs here at home.

In fact, we strive to hire US-based workers and pay them the higher wages they deserve. Check out our America Types for Fair Wages campaign (#AmericaTypesForFairWages) to learn more.

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